Thomas Rusch

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Thomas Rusch is an international working photo-artist, director & photographer.

Thomas Rusch was born 1962 in Freiburg, Germany. He studied photography in Hamburg. His first notable career achievement was a prize winning series of photos for „Stern“ magazine with backstage portraits of the new Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival in 1987 and remarkable images of Leonard Bernstein, Yehudi Menuhin, and Anne Sophie Mutter among others. Following from that he worked some years for „Stern“ doing reportages and cover photos, several awarded prizes. He continually pursued his personal artwork parallel to his commercial work and also had many solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Hamburg, Moscow, Helsinki, New York among others. In the 90s Thomas Rusch also spent a lot of time in New York and worked mainly as a commercial photographer. In 1999 he opened a studio in Paris focussing on fashion and beauty photography. Recently he has moved back to Germany and travels between Berlin and Hamburg. In addition to his work as a commercial and portrait photographer, he has regular exhibitions in galleries in Berlin and Paris. In 2015 Andrea Bury and Thomas Rusch founded the non profit fundraiser PortrAid. Since then has won many awards for its concept of using photography to help where help is needed. Its goal to convey the problem with photography and build an emotional bridge between the donor and the needy through the sale has been highly commended. Each year since, there have been further successful new projects. Thomas Rusch has an affinity for his subjects as human beings, and all of his works reflect both intimacy and respect, a trusting encounter, whether it is a portrait, a fashion photo, a nude or commercial.