Peter Schafrick

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To find him angle-deep standing in compunds of painture, milk, oil or liqueur seems to be nothing outstaning.

The canadian photographer Peter Schafrick (*1963) hands over the roles of the models to the liquids. Sticky or flowing, dainty or sporty.
Like the accessorize completes the outfit, complete the most different liquids the aesthetic look of products.

His still-life photography conquered the scenery like noone else: Absolut Vodka, Philips Saeco, Coca Cola, Guiness, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, L'Oréal and many others big clients count on the passionate aesthete who just presented his impressive Portfolio in 2002 to the public.

In cooperation with Toronto's Sugino Studios, his portfolio also contains Films with breath-taking slow-motion images. Should the situation arise he throws joghurt, paint or wine in the sky of his studio for about 50 times to get the perfect shot.

Beauty, elegance, modernity and pureness go hand-in-hand with Peter Schafricks photography and films.