Albert Watson

Artist & Photographer


Albert Watson, one of the world's preeminent fine art, commercial and fashion photographers.

Albert Watson is definitely one of the world’s most successful fashion and ad photographers of recent decades. Born in Scotland, he is now based in New York and his oeuvre stands out for its diversity and the wealth of different sides to it. Watson is associated with unusual and powerful portraits, among others of Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger and Alfred Hitchcock, images that catch the eye for their refined compositions and use of light. Of late, Watson’s pictures have often be presented in a constellation of cross-genre, large-format pieces destined to emphasize his philosophy of diversity.

Besides several exhibitions at the world’s leading galleries and museums (e.g. Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York and the National Portrait Gallery in London), Watson has also had numerous solo shows in Europe since 2004. During the course of his career, he published six books, including the award- winning »Cyclops« (1994), »Maroc« (1998), and more recently »UFO: Unified Fashion Objectives« (2010), and »Strip Search« (2010).