We love photography.

Rockenfeller & Goebels is a photographers’ agency based in Germany representing some of the most innovative creative talents in the industry, with long-standing relationships, best references in national and international advertising, fashion and motion.

Founded by Ute Rockenfeller and Doro Göbels in the 80s, Rockenfeller & Goebels is dedicated to the image. Representing photographic idols, such as Helmut Newton and Albert Watson, always being aware to present a delicate roster of photographers and motion directors who bring in their talent, experience and creativity to every individual project.

It is the aim of all our artists, diverse in their styles and professions, to merge the changing trends in our business and culture with the timeless power of original imagery.

We offer our clients an international perspective, experienced workflow and a collaborating networking including production-service, postproduction, casting, styling, etc.

We love the business, we love our people and we love to share great work with you.

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